Deep Detox

On a Cellular Level

Coseva Advanced TRS Detoxification System 30ml




  • Detoxify heavy metals safely from your body
  • Active ingredient is the nano zeolite clinoptilolite
  • Suitable for adults and children
  • 150 sprays per bottle
  • No preservatives
  • All orders now ship with new premium glass bottle packaging (Competitors use cheaper, plastic bottles)

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Introducing Coseva Advanced TRS

The safest, most effective way to detox heavy metals

Coseva Advanced TRS: A modern solution to a modern problem

Letʼs face it. Living in the 21st century is toxic. There is a lot to worry about including not just heavy metal exposure such as lead and mercury but also pesticides, herbicides, ammonia, carcinogens, fluoride, Lyme and mold toxin byproducts, and more.


Experience the benefits of a full body detox

Increase in energy

Less fatigue and sluggishness, stronger ability to exercise for longer periods of time

Sharper mind

Clearer thinking, better memory, less "brain fog", improved school performance

Enhanced well being

Better mood, increased vitality and "zest for life"

body vascular system

Less aches & pains

Less headaches and and bodily nagging aches and pains

Reduced inflammation

Reduced swelling, joint pain, bodily discomfort

Better digestion

Enhanced absorption of nutrients, weight loss, removal of toxins from gut

How does Coseva Advanced TRS work?

Advanced TRS works by containing negatively charged minerals that attach to positively charged toxins. All heavy metals carry a positive charge and most toxins carry a positive charge as well. Advanced TRS works like a nano magnet. Nano means that the particles are super small – small enough to cross the blood brain barrier and remove heavy metals and other toxins from the brain. Itʼs easy to conceptualize Advanced TRS as being a bottle of tiny toxin magnets that do their job and then safely leave the body.


Safe and effective for all ages

Advanced TRS is gentle and safe for all ages. Traditional chelation requires IV administration and doctor supervision and is harsh and carries the risk of serious side effects. The reason for this is because traditional chelation works by an active biological process which may also remove essential nutrients from the body. Advanced TRS is safe because it works passively, using only its magnetic properties to gently remove toxins and requires no other bodily chemical reactions to happen.

See how Advanced TRS can help you and your family live a healthier, toxin-free lifestyle.

Shocking statistics: Toxins in our body and environment

2 1 2

Toxic chemicals in the blood of the average American


Industrial chemicals in the environment

3 Million

Deaths attributed to environmental disease

How toxic is the environment and how does it affect the human body?

Using a large test sample of 2,400 Americans, the Centers for Disease Control published a study in 2009 that found detectable levels of 212 chemicals in the blood or urine. It is estimated that there are about 80,000 industrial chemicals currently in use but the Environmental Protection Agency only measures a tiny sliver of that amount; the toxic effects are staggering. The toxicity of the modern environment means that harmful particles are lodged in the human body causing a variety of physical and cognitive deficits. 

Coseva Advanced TRS

With Advanced TRS, safely and gently remove heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and arsenic.

zeolite heavy metal removal

The key ingredient: Meet the mineral behind the Advanced TRS detox

zeolite diagram
A zeolite is a natural mineral created by a reaction between volcanic ash and pH positive water.

The Advanced TRS active ingredient is a mineral known as a zeolite.

In nature, a zeolite forms when a volcano erupts and volcanic ash combines with nearby bodies of water.

This process results in a honeycomb shaped molecule that:

1)is naturally negatively charged making it an ideal toxin magnet

2)has a cage-like center that allows toxins to be captured in the molecule.

The honeycomb zeolite structure has a negative charge and hollow cages. These hollow cages are attracted to positively charged toxins like lead (Pb+) and mercury (Hg+).
The honeycomb zeolite structure has a negative charge and hollow cages. These hollow cages are attracted to positively charged toxins like lead (Pb+) and mercury (Hg+).
Zeolite rocks as found in nature

Advanced TRS
A Breakthrough in


The leading competitors source their zeolites from grounded mineral rocks direct from nature. The problem with this method is that zeolites found in nature – being the toxin-loving magnets that they are – contain unwanted particles already attached to them. Then the zeolites must then go through a chemical and/or mechanical process to strip away the heavy metals and unwanted particles. This is a messy, imperfect process and there is still a small amount of residual toxins left behind that are then ingested in the human body and may even cause more symptoms.

Coseva Advanced TRS Advanced TRS is different because it contains clean, lab grown zeolites. The manufactured zeolites are created in a super lab controlled environment where the particle size and purity are measured. The end result is pure nano-sized zeolites encased in water droplets. Why is it important that the zeolites are super small and encased in water? This means that the Advanced TRS zeolites are so small that they can go wherever water can go in the body and ensures a deep detox at the cellular level.

Advanced TRS Reviews

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Video Testimonial:

Advanced TRS Success Story

"It was absolutely amazing seeing this curiosity unlocked in this child's brain."

TRS Reviews

when using TRS, many people report an increase in energy. I'm feeling this as well. Its not a caffeine high or hyper type of energy, just like more motivation to get tasks done and I'm not feeling so tired. Maybe its what normal should feel like?"
Janice K.
Have to say this product is the REAL THING (not just water). I am on day 20th, taking it at 1/4 spray every other day and going through some die-off symptoms. Suggestion: start slow with the sprays...I started at 1 spray every other day and the die-off symptoms were too intense!
I love this product, it has no taste! Within days not only did I see a change in my childrens ability to have better attitudes they have hardly any meltdowns and actually listen! I have also been in a better and more consistent mood, lets see what happens over 90 days!!!
Ryan Foster
I am taking this to detox heavy metals. After having an MRI with contrast I started having extreme pain in my extremities. My body is retaining gadolinium from the contrast injected into me. I've heard from other people with the same problem that this can help. I've been taking this for a couple weeks, along with other detox supplements, and have noticed great improvement. Not sure if it's just this or a combination of what I'm taking but I believe this product can do great things for people. I tell everyone about it!!
Kelli D.
I feel so much better
Mindy L. Crouch
My 20 month old went from being completely non verbal to saying about 10 plus words in 2 weeks. She is taking my hand and leading me to the door to go outside or pantry for a snack. She seems fully aware of what is going on around her and playing with her toys appropriately. Before she would just throw her blocks around and now she builds them! I am so happy with the results so far I can't imagine life without this product anymore. As for me, I have been less tired, sleeping better, the ache in my leg I had for 6 months is gone, patience has exploded to a place I didn't know I was capable of, I am less angry, no more anxiety or panic. I have also oddly stopped craving sweets...especially at night before bed.
Really pulls toxins out. I feel the difference in my joints and musles. Its really strong. So u have to start with 1 spray first and go from there. They should really tell u that.
Lucyna Przywara
This product is amazing!!! My non verbal 3 year old added 6-8 words in a matter of days.
Jennifer Artiaga
TRS has done a great job regulating my cycles and helping all of us sleep better.
Barbie S.

*****Customer reviews are provided for informational purposes only.  Individual results may vary.


Most frequent questions and answers
Advanced TRS removes any element that has a positive ionic charge such as arsenic, mercury, lead and aluminum. Advanced TRS will also remove positively charged pesticides and herbicides, mold and yeast toxic byproducts, plastic residues, carcinogens from smoke and radioactive material.

Some people have seen results within just a few weeks such as a boost in energy, more focus, and a general feeling of well being. However, results may vary and we recommend that you use the product for 90 days to experience the benefits of a full body detox. An Advanced TRS clinical study was conducted on a healthy subject and after 90 days there was 91% more excretion of arsenic, 43% more excretion of mercury, and 36% more excretion of lead.

Yes, Advanced TRS is safe for children. As a rule of thumb, the dose for children is one spray for every 30 pounds of weight.

Advanced TRS is the purest form of zeolite available on the market thanks to our proprietary nanotechnology. The Advanced TRS zeolite molecule is an average of 0.9 nanometers which is smaller than the competition. This tiny molecule size allows it to cross the blood brain barrier for a total body detox. Other products that use a larger molecule size accomplish only a limited detox at best. The molecule is encased in a water cluster, which allows it to travel everywhere in the body wherever water goes.

A smaller nano-sized particle covers a larger surface area. Imagine a swimming pool that has 10 floating beach balls. These 10 beach balls are not going effectively cover the entire surface area of the pool. Now imagine that instead of 10 large beach balls you have dozens of ping pong balls in each of those beach balls that are then released to float around the pool. Now these small floating ping pong balls can more effectively cover the surface of the pool. The smaller particle size that Advanced TRS uses works on the same principal. A smaller particle size means that more areas of the body can be thoroughly detoxed. Advanced TRS contains an astonishing estimated 4.8 million sq ft. of toxin removal surface which triumphs the competition.

Advanced TRS stays in the body for 6 hours before it is excreted through the urine. For this reason, it is recommended that you take it morning and night.

Advanced TRS uses just two ingredients – nano-sized zeolites and water. Technically, the zeolite is created when aluminum converts to alumino with oxygen, silica and magnesium along with pure water. This form of alumino is biologically inert and does not migrate into the body.  All of the ingredients are food grade or better in purity.

The essential minerals are in a neutral salt form in our bodies. The zeolite is not attracted to the lesser ionic charges that these nutrients possess. The toxins, however, are not used in the body. These toxins are not  converted to salts but instead build up in the body while retaining their positive ionic state. The negatively charged Advanced TRS molecules bind to the strongly positive toxins.

Advanced TRS contains proprietary processed manufactured zeolites. This allows for absolute control of the purity, size, and structure of the molecule.  Natural zeolites must undergo a separate chemical or mechanical cleansing process which is imperfect and cannot achieve the unsurpassed purity and effectiveness of Advanced TRS.

Yes. Traditional chelation agents are very biologically active and remove metals by an active chemical process and include the risk of stripping the body of essential nutrients. Advanced TRS is completely passive and not biologically active in the body, making it much safer. When we say Advanced TRS is passive, this means that it only works by its magnetic properties and does not stimulate additional chemical reactions in the body.

No, Advanced TRS will not cause leaching of metals into the body from items such as mercury fillings and artificial joints. The reason why is because these items are electrically neutral and this is why they last a long time. They will not be attracted to or removed by the zeolite.

Ideally, Advanced TRS should be kept at room temperature of 50-80 F.  However, freezing or thawing will not alter the solution and therefore still safe and effective to use. The temperature should remain below 212 F or 100 C. If temperature rises to the boiling point of water the zeolite will be removed from solution, losing its detox